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welcome tinydeal
cpulse: la custodia per smartphone android con 128
luci led programmabi

La custodia cPulse attualmente si trova su Kickstarter e la campagna di raccolta fondi è stata lanciata da Codlight. E’ una particolare custodie samsung s4 per smartphone con un sacco di luci LED applicate su di essa. Oltre ai 128 LED sul pannello, ci sono tre pulsanti a sfioramento per visualizzare le notifiche ed effettuare le azioni più basilari senza aver bisogno di accendere il display del telefono. Sulla cPulse è presente anche un sensore di luce ambientale per il loro sistema mobile di illuminazione per il sonno. La custodia ovviamente offre al proprio smartphone Android una grande protezione e copertura del display mentre le luci LED arricchiscono l’esperienza dell’utente col proprio smartphone, per esempio quando ascolta musica. La custodia funziona tramite collegamento allo smartphone, precisamente connettendosi tramite micro USB e utilizzando 180 mAh di batteria per ogni ora piena di utilizzo. E’ però presente anche una porta USB esterna. La... (more)

Buyer Agent - Do homeowners have to have a realtor?
With all the technology in the real estate market many new buyers ask themselves do I really need a realtor? The answer to this question depends on the buyer, but most of the time is yes and no. Really almost everyone needs a realtor for some part of the home buying process, but not all and this is where a discount realtor can be their greatest asset.The home buying process has drastically changed over the last couple decades as the digital age takes hold. Buyers have almost every resource they need online where they can access it 24-hours a day via computer or smart phone. This includes finding homes, open houses, mortgage qualification as well as many other facets of the home buying process. With all the work the home buyer does themselves what can a top realtor actually do to improve this process. The simple truth for most home buyers is there are still steps in the process that only a professional knows or can do.Buyers who are serious about taking control buying their... (more)

Blue Collar Blues
What have I traded myself into?
Oh joy, I can still remember the times when life was so much easier, when the grass was greener on my side of the corner and the sun was shining all the time. Khmm, yeah right. Let's be honest with myself here, miss Wannabe Marketer, you hated being a CS Agent, you almost had it at CS Training Specialist and you definitely didn't feel that much comfortable at being a Training Coordinator... and now this mess? Who knew, that becoming a Marketer, when you have absolutely no idea how to do marketing (or even what is was) could be so rewarding... NOT! I mean, at least before I had a lengthy title and shitloads of things I was constantly doing that I could boast about. Now what? Once you open your mouth to introduce yourself as a Marketer you get shit flying in from left and right... and that horrible whiny face. The "Oh, you're a marketer..." face. It's not that I care too much about what they think, but somehow being a marketer leaves a taste of shit in everyone's mouth. Makes... (more)

deal breaker
I heard a song by The Offspring this weekend that suddenly took my mind back about 12 years ago. I was seventeen years old & having the time of my life, or so I thought. There was this guy. We'll call him Chuck since, well, that's his name. He seemed to like me quite a bit. I was introduced to the majority of my former boyfriends through a certain clique of friends I grew up with. The meeting of Chuck was through them as well. He took a liking to me. Quite quickly, I'd say. He had some problems with letting go of an ex girlfriend who he proudly labeled psycho and I remember just doing a lot of listening to him as he talked about how he needed to just cut her loose once and for all. A popular song at the time was Self Esteem. He said was the soundtrack of their life and he would play it endlessly while we were there. Even then, I realized he was just in denial about his feelings for her. I was apprehensive about dating him even... (more)

Into The Air
small miracles
If you look closely at the front egg you can see the cracks of emerging life. I was looking at these baby birds and thinking of what a small miracle they are. That nest that was built expertly by their mother holds the possibility of four lives. It's not really a small miracle though, is it?No. Not at all. No miracle is small, and they certainly cannot be measured by me. Even to think of the nest. Think of the nest without the lovely little lives in it. It started with a simple strand. A piece of grass or straw. The mother bird simply knew what to do, and she did it. She built this nest out of nothing with knowledge that she was somehow born with. Then she took care of her eggs with the little lives growing inside of them. Now here are these brand new lives coming out into the world. They don't even know that it's amazing. They don't even know they're magnificent. And it's happening all over the place. It's spring.

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